Troubleshooting common issues

This section lists issues that might be encountered during development and how to deal with them. Before opening a new issue, make sure you've looked here.

Before you do anything

Make sure you have the latest node and npm. Node needs to be at least v11, and npm at least v6. Never hurts to keep them up to date though. Failure to install the latest versions can cause a million different problems.


Some people see a message like this when building the web app:

`WARNING in ./node_modules/write-file-atomic/index.js
Module not found: Error: Can't resolve 'worker_threads' in '<nuclear dir>/node_modules'

This is normal and expected. This won't impact normal operation in any way.

I can't run Docker or docker-compose

Try the manual development process. After cloning the repo, run the following from the root folder:

$ lerna bootstrap
$ lerna run start

I can't run lerna (or running with lerna doesn't work)

Try the manual start. Note that lerna bootstrap is required to link the packages even in this procedure. ```shell $ lerna bootstrap $ cd packages/app $ npm start

Run this in another shell

$ cd packages/main $ npm start

There is no debug output

Lerna eats it. If you want to see the debug output, try the manual start above.

This means the web app failed to build. The logo is a static html that is replaced with the web app as the scripts start. See the debug output of the watch script for details.

I started Nuclear, but all I see is a white screen

This indicates a problem with the initial html loading. During development, all assets are served by webpack-dev-server. It's possible that it's not running, or that it crashed. The output from the watch script should give you some details.

Uncaught TypeError: composeEnhancers is not a function

This typically means that the Redux Devtools extension failed to download or install. You can temporarily disable it by changing composeEnhancers in packages/app/app/store/configureStore.js to just compose. You won't have access to the devtools though, and developing without them can be a pain.

Songs load but fail to start

Sometimes our Youtube API key gets too much traffic and becomes rate limited. This causes problems with loading streams. As a workaround, you can use your own API key by pasting it in the settings section, near the bottom.