What if I am religiously opposed to using Electron?

Then you are not the target audience of this program. See mps-youtube for a similar program that will not taint your machine with a library you happen to dislike.

It's clear that highly polarized opinions about languages and frameworks are characteristic of people who lack real-world programming experience and are more interested in building an identity than creating computer programs. When pressed for reasons what exactly is so bad about Electron, they can rarely offer anything than vaguely mumbled "memory usage" or "b-but it's an entire browser" (both of which have not been true for years, for example Electron's memory usage has improved dramatically, but the meme stuck). The programming world is filled with people who read angry rants about why library X or Y sucks and you should hate it, then repeat whatever they remember because they think whining makes them seem smart, without critically examining whether it makes sense or not.

The reasons behind Electron

With experience comes a certain appreciation of tradeoffs you take when building software and while Electron is not the perfect solution for every use case, it's certainly good enough for what I was trying to achieve with Nuclear.